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About Us

Promoting dignity and self-reliance across generations.


The Isaacs Center is embedded within the Isaacs Houses/Holmes Towers, a NYCHA development located in Yorkville, Manhattan, just three blocks from East Harlem.

Although Isaacs/Holmes is located on the wealthy Upper East Side (Community District 8), the demographics and socio-economic needs of its 2,200 residents more closely resemble that of East Harlem (Community District 11). According to data provided by NYCHA, the average gross income for residents of the Isaacs/Holmes development is below local and national poverty thresholds. A significant percentage of our participants reside in Isaacs/Holmes and supportive housing for the elderly within walking distance of Isaacs/Holmes. We also serve residents of the Taft/Johnson Towers public housing, just blocks from our primary location, in East Harlem.