Education and Workforce

Our programs are for New York City residents who are from at-risk and underserved communities, or who face other barriers to achieving their goals. We provide pathways to a positive and productive adulthood for more than 1,000 people each year. Many come to the Isaacs Center looking for a second (or even third) chance at success, and more than 85% of our enrollees graduate from their programs.

We want the people who come through our doors to get the tools they need to realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

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Employment Training Programs 

Our programs provide sector-specific job training, internships, employment placement, and retention support. They adapt to an ever-changing labor market, focusing on career sectors that reflect the broadest range of employment options, including: 

Advance and Earn / Culinary Arts Training

This jobs skills training program for out-of-school, out of work aspiring chefs, ages 18-24, teaches the intricacies of both front and back of house roles. Through virtual classroom instruction, mentorship, and coaching, participants practice strengths-based leadership and navigate difficult conversations in the restaurant industry. Our Soup’s Up program, which provides home-delivered multi-meal kits to seniors and others experiencing food insecurity, is staffed by graduates of this training program.

“This is always what I wanted to do and this is one of the greatest opportunities.”

– Jordan

Information Technology—in Partnership with Per Scholas

Satellite IT Support courses offer the opportunity to earn the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and the CompTIA A+ certification, equipping you with the knowledge to fill a wide range of entry-level technology jobs. Our Cybersecurity course offers the opportunity to earn the Cybersecurity Analyst Certification (CySA+), equipping you with fundamental concepts in security specialties and hands-on training to enter this ever growing field as a cybersecurity analyst classes are taught in partnership with Per Scholas.

Community Healthcare  

We are focusing on community health in partnership with the New Jewish Home, offering CNA certification for over 75 people. In partnership with DYCD’s Summer Youth Employment Program, we host 50 16-24-year olds who are placed at local community health agencies.

“This internship not only allowed me to gain a new perspective on what it is like to work within a Healthcare Career environment, but it also strengthened me to keep a strong mindset no matter how uncertain or difficult things might seem. I hope to work in a hospital environment as a nutritionist, showing others how having epilepsy and Type 1 diabetes have also allowed me to grow, learn, and gain a sense of inclusivity and empathy for others.”

– Susan 


Our staff provide high school equivalency classes for all ages and financial literacy training with the goal of multiple positive outcomes: skill-building, increased confidence, high school equivalency attainment, college enrollment, employment, and, ultimately, retention in full-time salaried positions.

Case Management and Social Support 

Our intensive interventions and wraparound services allow us to support those in the program to overcome various barriers. These may include social-emotional or socioeconomic challenges.

Isaacs Scholars Program

Generous donors provide funding to help our students close a modest financial aid gap, or pay for books or transportation. This investment in young lives creates pathways to long-term success – changing the trajectory of an individual life, and combating the generational poverty that exists in the very vulnerable communities where our scholars live and go to school.

“I was supported by a great village to get to where I am today.”

– Kayla, high school graduate who proudly achieved an average grade of 91 and plans to major in nursing. 
“This program helps you and there’s so much possibilities. They even help you with your resume. They help you to do your schoolwork, they show you different internships, they show you how to design stuff. They let you do so much unique stuff that a lot of schools regular public schools would not do at all.” – Zakia, Student


Shayla Simpson, MS. ED

Shayla Simpson, MS. ED

Director of Education and Workforce

  • 212-360-7620 x1201 (office)
  • 347-436-3953 (mobile)

Katherine Robles

Katherine Robles

Director of Advance and Earn

  • 212-360-7620 x1202 (office)

Justina Sharrock-Brown

Justina Sharrock-Brown

Director of Engagement and Success

  • 212-360-7620 x1203 (office)
  • 646-226-5556 (mobile)