School Age Children and Adolescents

Our programs are focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) learning that are grade-level appropriate, aligned with Common Core standards, and incorporate literacy, civics, and fitness. Our out-of-school time programs help prepare children with the skills, experiences, and resources they need to gain entry into high-performing New York City high schools.

Many of the members of our community are single-parent, working families who earn far below what is needed to make ends meet. About 90% of the children and adolescents who participate in our programs reside in public housing and about 74% qualify for free or reduced lunch in schools. Although they live in one of the wealthiest zip codes in New York City, 63% of families who have children enrolled in Isaacs Center After School Programs and Summer Day Camp receive food stamps.

ā€œIā€™m getting higher grades on my homework and I get all fives on my weekly reports now.ā€
ā€“ Anya


NYC Department of Youth & Community Development Beacon programs are located in public schools and operate year-round in non-school hours on weekdays, weekends and in the summer. Each Beacon transforms its host school into a resource for the whole community by offering an integrated range of programming tailored to local needs. Beacons offer a safe place to engage in recreational activities, discover new interests, acquire skills, and find opportunities to contribute to the community, guided and supported by program staff.

Our Beacons provide activities and services for school-age youth, families, and adults ages 22 years and older, including seniors. Our programs make special efforts to engage hard-to-recruit youth and young adults for whom participation in activities that foster positive youth development, social emotional learning (SEL) and leadership skills are especially beneficial.

Beacon 1 is located at elementary school PS 198 (1700 3rd Avenue) and Beacon 2 is located at middle school MS 224 (410 East 100th Street).  


Maribel Mejia

Beacon 1 Program Director

  • 212 289 3702 x6432 (office)
Tamar Joseph

Tamar Joseph

Beacon 2 Program Director

  • 917-751-7966 (mobile)