Testimony of Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center – The State of Our Union

Statement from Gregory J. Morris, President and Executive Director – What unfolded in D.C. was unacceptable, heartbreaking, terrifying, and overwhelming. The domestic terrorism on our nation’s Capitol perpetrated by a mob, and its enablers, further desecrated our Union – a Union that has never been perfect but has strived to hold ‘justice and tranquility and common defense’ as its supreme and fundamental purpose. These disgraceful and violent actions, coupled with the inadequate and questionable response from federal law enforcement, further exposed the prejudice and intolerance that permeates every corner of our society, and the toxic arrogance and intentional ignorance that prevents us from rooting it out.

It is simply not enough to shed light on bias and oppression, we must commit to dismantling structural racism and stand against white supremacy in all its forms. I am deeply grateful to be part of a community that recognizes its mission of supporting self-reliance and dignity across generations as a purposeful and compassionate demonstration of principles and values that restore balance in times of crisis and is resolute in its commitment to justice and equity.