New York Nonprofit Media, Scrambling to Solve the Human Services Sector’s Fiscal Crisis


Against the backdrop of looming federal cuts and tightening budgets at the city and state levels, human services providers are scrambling to find ways to respond to the worsening fiscal crisis.

But the situation isn’t entirely hopeless, experts say.

Among the potential solutions for these nonprofits are applying pressure on the city and state to fully fund government contracts while speaking with one voice and presenting strong data to help draw attention to the seriousness of their plight within a sea of competing priorities.

“Because of the federal challenges that we have, right now it’s about immigrants and protecting and sanctuary cities, because that is our number one. But how can we be a sanctuary city without you?” New York City Council Finance Committee Chairwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland said at an April 17 forum hosted by The Center for an Urban Future. “There is no way that our city can sustain the protections and sustain the partnerships that we have with our constituents without the nonprofits in our area.”

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