Isaacs Center 60th Anniversary

A Lively Evening of Cocktails, Light Bites, and Celebration!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating 60 years of the Isaacs Center’s remarkable work! The celebration was held on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 in midtown Manhattan.  At the event, we celebrated the work of the Isaacs Center and honored the Isaacs Center’s former Executive Directors and Board Chairs.

Former Executive Directors 

Charles Katze
Gregory Morris
Marvin Sicherman
Carol Tweedy
Wanda Wooten

Former Board Chairs

Barry Alperin
Ann Chapman
Doris Halaby
Mary Holloway
Anne Lindgren
Christopher Mahan
John McDermott
Richard Nesson
Warren Shine
Michael Spero
Gretchen H. Stone
Cornelia Lee Wareham

Learn about the impact of the Isaacs Center in our community in this video.
Goddard Riverside and the Isaacs Center are dedicated to helping young adults achieve their dreams. We provide donor-funded scholarships to help students close financial gaps. With your support of our scholarship program, young people can access education, experience, and growth. 

Watch and learn about some of our Isaacs Center Scholars!

Thank you to Andrea Martin for producing the Scholarship video.

Cornelia Lee and Ray Wareham

Gail and Michael O’Neill

CD&R Foundation

Gretchen and Lewis Stone

Alison Overseth, Ken deRegt and PASE

Andrea Martin and William Gumina

Marcia Bystryn

Wanda Wooten and Robert Oppedisano


Amy and Daniel Bursky

Terri Gillis

Barbara Lucas and Richard Nesson

Barry and Mimi Alperin

Dorothy and Peter Samuels

Carol Tweedy

Daniel Siff

Theodore P. and Linda A. Klingos

Josh Marwell and Citra Bopardikar

Elizabeth Feldstein Rile

Ellen and Kenneth Roman

Stanley Heckman and Sone Takahara

Natalie Levinson

Robin Aviv

Keith Bremer

JP and Ellen Leventhal

Andrew and Darcy Nussbaum